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TENS Unit Rentals in Canada and the US
Drug-free pain relief for labour and beyond
Maternal TENS Units have become a popular choice for mums-to-be as they are specifically designed to combat pain during and after childbirth. This is a safe, effective drug-free method of pain relief, which is widely accepted by midwives, doctors & hospitals.

Choose from one of these three units:

Elle Tens - The Ultimate
$85 for 35 days

The Ultimate Digital maternal TENS using the latest Opti-Max technology. This easy-to-use, TENS offers maximum pain relief during labour and beyond. All the settings are pre-set so there is no fuss in setting up.

The Elle TENS features dual intensity controls for total flexibility, a 'booster button' for a surge of pain combating power at the onset of a contraction, plus Opti-Max technology gives an extra reserve of power when you really need it.

Birthing TENS - Functional & Flexible
$80 for 35 days

The Birthing TENS gives you flexibility and control. Each channel has its own intensity dial, both the Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable and it features a detachable 'booster button' for an extra surge of relief.

Obi TENS - Simple
$75 for 35 days

The Obi TENS is simple, versatile and perfect for helping you to cope with pain during labour. It is one of the most effective, portable, affordable maternal TENS machines available today.

Each rental includes:
Reserve your TENS machine today to ensure you get the dates you want. Payment by Paypal is accepted (see the sidebar at the top right of this page) or you can send an email for details on paying by cheque or cash.

*Ground Shipping, within Canada only. Phone or email for rates to other countries or for faster shipping options.
**You are responsible for finding out if your extended health plan covers the rental of TENS machines for labour and birth. Adar Birth Services does not have a list of eligible health plans.
***If you order extra pads after your unit has been shipped or picked up, extra shipping & handling charges will apply.

Please select your TENS unit
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"I simply wouldn't go through labour again without the TENS. It was key to my ability to cope and not require any pain medications."


"When I started feeling like the contractions were overwhelming it was one thing that I could have control over."


"My Elle TENS really worked! I thought it wasn't working until I tried turning it off. Mistake! I turned it right back on again and used it right through to full dilation. I was able to increase the sensation as my labour got stronger without coming to the upper limit of what the machine could offer. If I have another baby I'll definitely use it again! Thanks!

Lorraine J

"I thought that it would give me an unpleasant sensation, but the feeling was just a kind of gentle buzzing feeling; very odd at first, but certainly not uncomfortable or at all painful. I've been practicing with it as you recommended and look forward to having it on-hand for my labour."

Amy R

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